Najlepše pohodniške in sprehajalne ter kolesarske poti v okolici gradu

Kozjansko is interspersed with hiking and cycling trails, inviting you to active adventures. A wide selection of thematically interesting and varied routes will delight every hiking or cycling enthusiast and lover of fun in beautiful nature, who believes that life is better if you walk at least part of it in hiking boots or on a bicycle.

Grajska pot Podsreda

One of the most beautiful opportunities for a nature walk in the Kozjan Park is offered by the interactive
Podsreda Castle Trail
which starts at the administrative office of the Kozjanska Park in Podsreda and leads through the medieval Podsreda Square, past Levstik’s Mill on the Bistrica River, through the forest and all the way to Podsreda Castle.

The 2.5 km long trail allows you to explore the exceptional biodiversity and rich cultural heritage, as well as other attractions of the surrounding area.

Visitors can test their knowledge of the forest and its rich flora and fauna at various interactive points along the way. It is not difficult and is suitable for all ages, including families with children.

You can walk the Castle Trail in all seasons. Even on hot summer days, the shade of the mighty beech trees will keep you pleasantly cool for most of the way.

The Life Naturaviva project is responsible for the fact that the Podsreda Castle Trail has been maintained and signposted since October 2019.

Pešpot iz Kozjega na Vetrnik

Vetrnik (708 m) is a lookout peak on the eastern edge of Bohorje in the Kozjanska Park. It is located high above the Bistrica valley and, together with the surrounding hills, it belongs to the protected area of the Kozjanski Regional Park and the Natura 2000 site Bohor.

A forest footpath also leads to the top of Vetrnik Hill, starting in Kozje (at the parish church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the market square of Kozje), and joining the Travnik Nature Trail and the Zasava Mountain Trail at the very top. The trail is marked with directional arrows and, when it joins the Travnik Nature Trail, with explanatory signs.

At the Vetrnik lookout point, where, in addition to beautiful views of the nature of the Kozjan Park, we are also greeted by the Love Bench and binoculars, we find a real gem – a dry meadow where, in late spring and summer, we can count more than 50 plant species perm2. Here, the Meadow Nature Trail takes you into the life of dry grasslands, the most biodiverse agricultural landscape and one of the most threatened habitats.

On the Vetrnik hiking trail, or. Županov Breg, in addition to the signs and the natural plateau with a bench of love and binoculars at the top, is now also invited by the sound of the wind caught between the strings of the wind harp, which was placed at the top of Vetrnik by the Municipality of Kozje.
The harp symbolises the two hands embracing the Kozjan apple and was made by musician and sound researcher Primož Oberžan. Its sound will caress hikers, alongside the beauty of nature, with the gentle sounds of the wind drawn from the strings.

Naravoslovna pot Travnik

The highest, foothill areas of Kozjanský Park – Vetrnik, Oslica, Bohor – offer one of the most beautiful and richest habitats – dry hill meadows with an extraordinary biodiversity. The meadows are at their most beautiful from May to August for their colourful flowers, and in October, you can admire the diversity of meadow fungi on the meadow. They are best experienced by taking a walk along the
Nature Trail Travnik
which runs around the Vetrnik peak in the village of the same name.

Sprehod po soteski Bistrice

You will also be impressed by the picturesque and scenic route from Podsreda, past the chapels of the Stations of the Cross, to the Stari gori above Podsreda with the Church of the Sorrowful Mother of God, where you should feel the flow of positive earth energies at the upper chapel of St Anne.

Iz Podsrede po križevem potu do Starih gor

The easy walking path, suitable for families, runs along a 3-kilometre-long
Bistrica River Gorge
from the hamlet of Zagaj. The slopes of the gorge, which is considered the best preserved and most picturesque river gorge in eastern Slovenia, are steep, rocky and forested. After a few kilometres, the gorge becomes so narrow that it is impassable, and a flat dirt road leads all the way there, which can be used for a trip with a pushchair.

Krožna pot po dolini Gruske

Gruska Valley
is the largest, oldest and most important geomorphological surface natural value of national importance in the Kozjanska Park and is a beautiful example of an isolated karst phenomenon. At the bottom of the Gruska River, you will find a rich flora and fauna, which you can get to know by following a well-maintained circular path through the river, which is equipped with informative signposts.

Krožna pot na grad Kozje ali Drachenburg

From Kozje you can go to Bister graben, past the Donut Mill, and from there along the Paths to Kozje Castle or Drachenburg, which is a well-maintained and safe recreational trail, where you will meet the old limekiln and part of the walls of Drachenburg Castle, and at the top you will have a wonderful view of Kozje Square and the wider surroundings. The trail starts at the limekiln in Bister Graben and ends at the pond in Kozje, where the Marof drinking water spring is located.

Krožna pot po zmajevem hrbtu čez Bredič

For all hiking enthusiasts and lovers of unspoilt nature and beautiful views, the Dragon’s Back Trail through Bredič is an excellent choice. The trail is circular and leads from Kozje, through Bredič and back along Bistre graben to Kozje, its affectionate name hinting at the ancient legend of the Kozjan dragon, but with a little imagination the hiker has the feeling that he is climbing the jagged ridge of a giant dragon. The trail offers magnificent views of the nearby peaks of Rudnica, Boč and Donačka gora, and in the distance you can see Uršlja gora and Pec and the peaks of the Kamniško-Savinjske Alps. The trail is maintained and well maintained, a bit more challenging in places, but it offers an unforgettable and unique hiking experience that will take you about three hours.

Pešpot Pilštanj

The ancient Pilštanj Square is today one of the stops on the Emma Pilgrimage Route, which connects places in Slovenia and Austria associated with Saint Emma. In a square where nature and culture share a rich past, there are many attractions to see if you follow the Pilštanj footpathswhich takes us through the ancient square of Pilštanj and is divided into three sections: the Market Trail (500 m long), the Castle Trail (600 m long), the Vino Gora Trail (3000 m long), and the Lesicko Water Trail, linking wells and water sources, and learning about the natural and historical heritage of the area.

Sprehod do Lurške jame

Just a few minutes along a well-maintained and quite sloping footpath from the picturesque village centre
Zagorje pri Lesičnem
leads to
Lurška Cave
, which lies 250 m from the Church of St. Our Lady. There is a small altar under a 19-metre-high sandstone base, where there is also a spring of healing water. Lurška Cave is a point along the pilgrimage route of the Virgin Mary, which connects places in Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. Pilgrims who made the pilgrimage to Our Lady Help of Christians in Zagorje also passed through the Lurška Cave, as they believed that this spring was very beneficial and healing for the eyes. Here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the natural beauty, and the spring offers a sip of fresh, cool water.

Geološka učna pot Olimje

Geological learning trail
runs in the northern part of the Kozjan Park, around the village of Olimje, and offers beautiful views over most of the protected area. The variety of geological structures along the route is suitable for presenting the geological development and geological structure of Kozjansko, but there are also other natural values and cultural heritage worth visiting.

Pohod do Stolpa zdravja in veselja na Rudnici

Tower on Rudnice
Also known as the Tower of Health and Joy, it is a 35.23 m high metal lookout tower on Silovec, which at 622 m is the highest peak of Mala Rudnica. The tower can be reached on foot, by bicycle or by car, as it is situated in a perfect location at the crossroads of footpaths leading to the surrounding peaks and ending (or beginning) in Podčetrtek.

Pot štirih bohorskih slapov

Not far from our castle, under the neighbouring Bohor hills, four waterfalls have formed on rock barriers on small streams, connected by a marked mountain trail.
Four Falls of Bohor Trail
which reveals the wonderful world of the waterfalls and is suitable for a day trip. The trail is not difficult, but you definitely need to take enough time (4 to 5 hours) to visit all four waterfalls and the hut on Bohorje. The path is well protected by guards at the more dangerous points.


From Podsreda Castle, you can walk or cycle along the marked and easy castle road, which leads all the way to
to Sveti gor nad Bistrica ob Sotli
. The idyllic route, which is just over nine kilometres long, runs along the shady ridge of the Orlice River, all the while offering magnificent views of the Bistrica valley and gorge and the town of Bistrica ob Sotli.

A great idea for a longer cycling trip is the circular
Orans Cycle Route
which connects the most interesting natural and cultural sights in the wider area of Podsreda Castle. The circular route starts in Bistrica ob Sotli and passes by Podsreda Castle, but if you wish, you can start and finish it at our castle. The Orans cycle route is just under 40 km long and is suitable for recreational cyclists (mountain bike recommended); it also offers 3 shortened versions (10 km / 24 km / 33 km), which are suitable for families.

All cycling enthusiasts will be delighted to see one of the more famous cycling routes in the area, called
Kozjanski krog
which stretches for 52 kilometres and climbs 503 metres. A cycling trip that will require a little more cycling fitness, but will be rewarded with beautiful views, great food and a variety of attractions to brighten up your cycling day.

There is also a path past the castle
Slovenian Touring Bike Trail
(24: Brežice – Podsreda Castle – Bohor), which takes you from the centre of Brežice through Pečice to Podsreda Castle and then to the top of Bohor – to the Bohor Cottage.


The Kozje Sports Park has a
outdoor fitness
which provides a safe, functional and attractive workout for outdoor sports enthusiasts. In the immediate vicinity there is also
Be fit, be smart” playground
, equipped with street exercise equipment and a children’s climbing boulder.

Next to the guest house
Kozjanski dvor
in Kozje, they also offer the possibility of fishing in their pond, where there are several species of fish, from carp, grass carp, pike, etc.

In the heart of the picturesque countryside along the Sotla River in the village of Olimje is
Amon Olimje Golf Course
is a nine-hole golf course where you can test yourself and immerse yourself in golf, enjoying a seductive mix of relaxed time in nature and extremely controlled body movements.


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