Herman the Fox in the Kozjansko Regional Park

The interactive children's exhibition »Herman the Fox in the Kozjansko Regional Park« is prepared by colleagues from the Kozjansko Regional Park in collaboration with the Celje Museum of Contemporary History - Children's Museum. The exhibition is an experience for all young and old budding explorers of natural, terrestrial, and cosmic wonders.

In addition to the exhibitions with Herman the Fox, the exhibition also includes the attractions of the Kozjansko Regional Park: geological features, meadow orchards, and dry meadows.

Aimed at kindergarten, primary and secondary school children, as well as adult visitors, the activities are designed to help them learn about our environment, the importance of protecting it, and sustainable development.


Earth’s identity card, Earth’s structure, rotation/day and night, revolution/seasons, the kingdom of living beings, soils, Earth’s riches, earthquake, volcano, continents and their features, geological features and rock outcrops in Kozjanska Park.


The planets of our Solar System with their basic characteristics, the space balance and the rocket with Herman Fox.


Characteristics of Slovenian landscapes, habitats, ecology and small steps for a common home, and meadow orchards and meadow or carob in Kozjan Park.


The exhibition’s themes relate to the relationship of water with people, nature and society. It sheds light on water both globally and locally. The exhibition draws attention to a universal issue in the modern world, while encouraging more responsible water management.

Herman Lisjak

Photo exhibition "Biodiversity - Art of Life 2021"

The Podsreda Castle Attic hosts a photography exhibition of the photos that entered the "Biodiversity - Art of Life 2021" photography competition.
The photo competition "Biodiversity - Art of Life 2021" was held in Kozjan Park as part of the LIFE NATURAVIVA project, Biodiversity - Art of Life.

The photo contest had 2 age categories: authors up to 15 years and adult authors with 5 thematic sections: A – Landscape, B – Animal World, C – Plant World, D – Inanimate World, E – People and Culture.

The photo competition was open to all who submitted up to 10 photographs taken in 2021 within the borders of the Kozjansko Regional Park or the Kozjansko and Obsotelje Biosphere Region. 24 adults and 43 authors aged 15 and under submitted a total of 494 photographs.

The jury, composed of Amadeja Knez, mag. Teo Hrvoje Oršanič and Barbara Ploštajner reviewed all the photos at the end of March 2022. Stojan Škoda was named the best adult photographer and Sara Gril the best female photographer aged 15 and under.

The photo exhibition features 76 photographs, all of which have been awarded prizes. Each of the authors who took part in the competition also has at least one photograph on display.

The project aims to communicate to the general public that biodiversity is one of the most precious and noble features of our planet, while at the same time revealing Slovenia’s outstanding natural assets, especially its protected areas, and highlighting their importance and the dangers they face.

Photo by Stojan Škoda – LAST TIME I LIGHT UP BEFORE THE BIRDS – award in category C – plant world

Stories from Nature exhibition in the gallery corridor

The exhibition is equipped with QR codes

Exhibition “Stories from Nature”

The exhibition "Stories from Nature" is based on the booklet of the same name, which was published in Kozjansko Regional Park at the end of 2020. It contains 11 interesting "environmental" stories, written by our biologist, Dušan Klenovšek.
Artworks complement the stories of pupils from primary schools in our protected area, who were invited to participate in an art project and the booklet's creation.

The exhibition "Stories from Nature" presents a selection of artwork created by children with crayons and a few interesting parts of each story, which we hope will inspire visitors to continue reading.

The exhibition panels in the corridor of the Castle Defence Gallery are decorated with selected works by pupils from the following primary schools: the Bistrica ob Sotli Primary School, the Maks Pleteršnik Pišece Primary School, the Podčetrtek Primary School, the Koprivnica Primary School, the Lesično Primary School, the Kozje Primary School, the Bizeljsko Primary School and Artiče Primary School. The exhibition is equipped with QR codes that can be scanned to read the full stories.

The booklet "Stories from Nature" is available free of charge at the Kozjansko Regional Park headquarters in Podsreda or at Podsreda Castle, and can be downloaded electronically from the Kozjanski Park website (www.kozjanski-park.si) and the Life Naturaviva project (www.naturaviva.si).

Stories from Nature is the result of the activities of the LIFE Naturaviva project (LIFE16 GIE/SI/000711), Biodiversity - the art of living.


Dragi prijatelji in častiti grajski gostje,

s 1. marcem odpiramo vrata gradu Podsreda. Grad Podsreda bo v mesecu marcu odprt vsak dan, razen ob ponedeljkih, med 10. in 16. uro. V mesecu marcu bo med vikendi odprta tudi Grajska kavarna




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