Sitting with the Apple

near Podsreda Castle

Explore the symbolism and beauty of apples in the historical setting of Podsreda Castle. At this simple yet charming site, where an apple rests on a bench, you will find the perfect spot for reflection and enjoying the peace offered by the castle’s surroundings. A unique opportunity to experience the historical significance of apples, which have symbolized knowledge and beauty for centuries.

The Giant Glass Apple

Kozje's Roundabout Marvel

Be captivated by the artistic image of a large glass apple in the center of the roundabout in Kozje. This impressive sculpture is not only visually appealing but also symbolizes innovation and creativity, representing a unique local landmark. The glass apple reflects a modern approach to traditional symbols and is becoming a popular spot for both visitors and locals.

Old traditional apple trees

in the Kozjanski Park's Orchard

Experience the magic of old traditional apple trees in the orchard of Kozjansko Park. This unique orchard, acting as a living museum, carefully preserves the heritage and natural richness of these valuable trees. Walk among the apple orchard and surrender to the authenticity of nature, which has been part of the picturesque landscape of Kozjansko Regional Park for centuries.

A Cup of Apple Tea

at Kukovičič Mill

At Kukovičič Mill, a special culinary treat awaits you – apple tea. This warm and aromatic drink combines local ingredients and tradition, offering an ideal way to relax and enjoy the idyllic mill setting. Here, apple tea is not just a beverage; it’s part of the culinary heritage, carefully preserving old recipes and flavors associated with the rich cultural history.

Apple strudel

at the Podsreda Castle Café

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste apple strudel at Podsreda Castle Cafe. This classic dessert, closely linked to cultural heritage and castle hospitality, offers an irreplaceable combination of flavors and tradition. Here, apple strudel is more than a dessert; it’s an integral part of the cultural experience, combining history and modern culinary trends. More about the cafe.

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