In the historical ambience of Podsreda Castle and in the heart of the unspoilt nature of Kozjanski Park,
a new fairy tale is written every day.
The low undertones of the old castle walls, which quietly murmur stories from their rich history, are joined in unison by the sounds of the unspoilt nature of one of the largest and oldest Slovenian regional parks, which invites you to experience nature, culture and authentic experiences, excellent local cuisine and forgotten customs, and you get to know the destination of Podsreda Castle and one of the oldest and largest protected areas as a land of exceptional natural beauty and green practices.
Castle adventures await you!


Discover, Experience, Fall in Love

Where nature, history, and culture intertwine in a harmonious symphony of diverse experiences. In the heart of the Kozjansko region, you will discover a true treasure trove of experiences – from romantic moments and adventures for families, to culinary discoveries and unique adventures in nature. We invite you to explore and discover everything that this magical landscape has to offer with us!

Adventure packages with an overnight stay at the castle

Podsreda Castle invites you to an unforgettable castle experience for families or couples with an overnight stay.

You are invited to Podsreda Castle for an unforgettable castle adventure for families or couples who will enjoy exploring the secret corners of the castle and its surroundings, where adventures await at every turn.

Castle experiences for two

Experience unforgettable castle pampering for two at the most castle-like castle in Slovenia.

Visit the castle and step into the past, enjoy a walk through the castle rooms, see many interesting exhibitions on your own or with an audio guide and discover the history of the medieval castle from the 12th century. For a perfect romantic escape from everyday life behind the medieval castle walls, the castle feast in the form of charcuterie will take you back to the ancient times of the castle lords.

Castle experiences for families and children

You are invited to Podsreda Castle for an unforgettable castle adventure for the whole family!

The majestic medieval giant opens its doors and invites you to discover the castle's secrets. Take part in a fun castle adventure of searching for a secret treasure in the Treasure Hunt game, visit interesting exhibitions and explore the castle's historic rooms, from the castle dungeon and the kitchen with an open hearth to the castle attic, where the bats live, to that place "where the emperor still walks".

What to visit around the castle?

Visit the heart of Kozjansko.

Rest your eyes on the natural beauty of one of the largest and oldest Slovenian regional parks, breathe in the freshness of unspoilt nature, listen to the silence, taste the homeliness of the wine-growing hills and fertile valleys and let the hospitality of the locals touch you... Get to know the heart of Kozjansko - a landscape of endless experiences that will awaken all your senses.

Massages at the castle

Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind - check out our offer of castle massages

Enjoy the relaxing environment of Podsreda Castle, which offers a special place for relaxation, renewal and refreshment, and take advantage of our offer of massages, reflexology and energy therapies for well-being. Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and escape to a 12th century castle whose peaceful castle ambience is like balm to the weary traveler's soul, offering an intimate, peaceful and carefree escape and a special place to relax, renew and refresh!


GRAJSKA KAVARNA PODSREDA ostaja ZAPRTA zaradi obnovitvenih del. 

Trenutno na gradu Podsreda potekajo renovacijska dela, vključno s prenovo renesančne dvorane in grajske kapele, ki sta ključna dela naše kulturne dediščine.

Zahvaljujemo se vsem obiskovalcem za razumevanje in potrpežljivost v tem času. Vabimo vas, da sledite našim obvestilom za nadaljnje informacije o ponovnem odprtju kavarne.

Medtem vas Grad Podsreda še vedno toplo vabi k raziskovanju njegovih zgodovinskih zakladov in uživanju v čudoviti naravi, ki nas obdaja.



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