Castle shop

The Castle Shop offers local products from more than 30 suppliers from the Kozjansko Regional Park and the Kozjansko and Obsotelje Biosphere Area.

The offer of our castle shop focuses on the products of local organic farms and handicrafts. Most of the producers included in the offer are proud to bear the Sožitje-Kozjanski Park brand, which has been awarded by the Kozjanski Park since 2009 and is intended to mark the origin, source, production, and manufacture of goods, products, merchandise, and services that are in harmony with the overall mission of our protected area.

About the Sožitje-Kozjanski Park collective brand

You can buy exciting souvenirs, toys, unique engraved glassware, handmade jewellery or other interesting products. There are also homemade biscuits, various homemade cakes, homemade pasta, chocolate from Čokoladnica Olimje, local honey products, local dried meat products, as well as various wines, sparkling wines, cider, vinegar, herbal liqueurs, herbal teas and various juices…


The offer of local products in the castle shop follows the basic guidelines of the Kozjansko Regional Park, where we believe that sustainable management and care for the natural environment are the right way to go.

Aware that our actions have an impact on the environment, the local community, and the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage, we have made it our main business guideline to work closely with the local community, food and drink producers, local suppliers, and practitioners of traditional crafts, and to foster a positive attitude towards the environment in which we operate.

We want to share these principles with visitors coming to the Podsreda Castle and the Kozjansko Regional Park, which is why we have partnered with local artists, producers and craftspeople to develop the offer in our sales corner.

Visit and quench your curiosity on a wide selection of local products. You’re sure to find a nice treat to delight your family and friends.


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