Treasure Hunt Adventure

at Podsreda Castle

Experience an unforgettable family ‘treasure hunt’ in the magical environment of Podsreda Castle. A true adventure that offers a perfect opportunity for family bonding and exploring history in a fun way. With mysterious puzzles and hidden clues, your family will uncover the secrets of the castle, learn about its history, and create memories that will last forever. The treasure hunt at Podsreda Castle is an ideal family activity for those seeking cultural-educational adventures. Learn more about the treasure hunt.

Enjoy an Orchard Picnic

with Local Treats

Join us for an idyllic picnic in a picturesque orchard, where you will enjoy homemade delights from Kukovičič Mill. This unique experience combines the flavors of local ingredients and traditional recipes. While you indulge in homemade specialties, children can explore nature and play in the fresh air. The picnic in the orchard offers a great opportunity for family experiences in the countryside, intertwining the pleasure of food, connection with nature, and quality socializing.

Pony riding

at Rubin's Stable

Give your children a magical experience of pony riding at Rubin’s Stable. Certainly, a unique activity to encourage a child’s love of animals and nature. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, children will learn the basics of riding and animal care, making it a great outdoor activity for the entire family. Pony riding not only provides fun but also an educational experience that will thrill every young adventurer.

Explore the Flour Milling Process

at Kukovičič Mill

Discover the tradition and craft of flour production at Kukovičič Mill. This unique tour offers the opportunity to learn about ancient milling techniques and the importance of local production. Families will learn about the entire process – from grain to flour, making it an excellent cultural-educational activity suitable for all ages. The tour of Kukovičič Mill brings an extraordinary experience that connects history, science, and tradition.

Home-made Frozi Frozen Yogurt

at Sinkovič Farm

Visit the Sinkovič Farm and indulge in their famous Frozi frozen yogurt. This family-friendly activity combines enjoying healthy desserts with discovering local farm life. While enjoying refreshing yogurts, you have the opportunity to explore the farm and learn about sustainable food production. Frozi frozen yogurt represents the perfect treat for families looking for healthy and tasty options to enjoy together.

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