Encounter Bees

at Kozmus Beekeeping

Join us on a visit to Beekeeping Kozmus, where you will experience the fascinating world of beekeeping, which plays a key role in the Kozjansko region. Viewing the bees and learning about beekeeping processes offers a unique educational experience, providing insight into the importance of bees for our ecosystem. An excellent opportunity to get close to these industrious insects and understand their crucial role in nature.

Deer at the Šošterič farm

at Vetrnik

Vetrnik is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers, especially for those who wish to experience an unforgettable observation of deer at the Šošterič family’s place. In this peaceful and beautiful location, you can admire these graceful animals in their natural environment. It’s a perfect opportunity for families and naturalists who want to experience a close encounter with wildlife in Kozjansko.


from Rubin's Stable

At Rubin’s Stable, some horses and ponies offer an exceptional experience of interaction and riding. Whether your little one is an experienced rider or a beginner, these friendly horses provide the perfect opportunity for a gentle ride through the picturesque landscape of Kozjansko. This experience is ideal for all families looking for a deeper connection with nature and genuine joy in riding.


at Kozjanski Dvor

Kozjanski Dvor offers you the opportunity to visit goats and learn about life in the countryside. Experience direct contact with farm animals and gain insight into everyday farm life. Both children and adults will enjoy interacting with these adorable animals, which are an indispensable part of the rural idyll of Kozjansko.

The vibrant Bee-Eater Bird

of Kozjanski Park

The provided Slovenian text discusses the rich birdlife in the Kozjansko area, particularly highlighting the bee-eater (Merops apiaster), known for its unique behavior and beautiful feathers. This bird is an attraction for nature and bird lovers. Visitors to the Kozjansko Regional Park can observe the bee-eater and learn about its significant impact on the local ecosystem. The park has been monitoring the bee-eater since 1985 in the oldest continuous nesting colony located in the Župjek sandpit near Bizeljsko. Additional information is available for those interested in observing and photographing the bee-eater.

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