Castle Breakfast

at Podsreda Castle

Enjoy a luxurious breakfast at Podsreda Castle, where history and elegance intertwine in a unique experience. In the prestigious castle environment, you’ll be treated to carefully selected culinary specialties that reflect the rich cultural heritage. An unforgettable breakfast that combines a culinary experience with history, perfect for those seeking a gourmet getaway and wanting to indulge their taste buds with local delicacies in a magical castle setting. More about the breakfast.

Signature Frozi Frozen Yogurt

from the Sinkovič Farm

Explore the delicious and healthy dessert – creamy frozen yogurt Frozi, prepared at Sinkovič Farm. This tasty homemade specialty combines traditional recipes with modern flavors, creating a refreshing and natural treat, ideal for summer days. Experience authentic country cooking on a farm where taste and quality are always top priorities.

Homemade Delicacies

at Kukovičič Mill

Feel the warmth of homeliness at Kukovičič Mill. After discovering the journey from grain to bread with the mill owner and witnessing the mill in action, indulge in their culinary treats, featuring freshly baked bread, selected spreads, homemade juice, and sweet delights. Each bite reflects the rich family tradition and love for milling. Visit Kukovičič Mill in Podsreda and embark on a journey through time, taste, and tradition.

Gourmet indulgence

at Kozjanski Dvor

Kozjanski Dvor is synonymous with gourmet indulgence. In the pleasant ambiance of this prestigious establishment, you will experience a top-notch culinary journey. Our experienced chefs blend local ingredients with innovative techniques to create dishes that are a feast for the eyes and an unforgettable experience for the taste buds. Surrender to indulgence and enjoy a gourmet break, where each bite is a journey through the flavors of Kozjansko.

Wine tasting

at “Vina Mramor” Winery

For wine and culinary enthusiasts, a wine tasting at Vina Mramor Estate is a true experience. In the picturesque setting of the vineyards, enjoy a diverse selection of the finest wines that express the characteristics of the local environment. This experience is more than just tasting; it’s a journey through the history and tradition of winemaking, where each sip tells a story of passion and dedication to viticulture.

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