Castle Cold Cuts

To the traveler who has found refuge within our ancient castle walls and is in the mood for good castle food and drink, we humbly recommend the choice of a castle cold cuts consisting of authentic local delicacies prepared for you at the nearby Kunej Farm. The contents of the cold cuts are made to your satisfaction, honored guest of the castle, and the delicacies can be of your choosing: meat/vegetarian/vegan.

The Castle Slice consists of:

- Dried meat products: dried homemade salami, dried pork neck and tenderloin, homemade tea sausage, dried sausages, dried bacon, and more;
- Homemade liver and chili pâté and minced lard;
- Homemade fresh cheese - from the Sinkovič dairy farm;
- Each cold cuts contains at least two meatless spreads (cottage cheese spread with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin oil, cottage cheese spread with wild garlic, bean spread);
- home-produced boiled eggs;
- Home-grown seasonal or pickled vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions, home-grown corn, etc.)
- Dried home-grown fruit;
- Home-made rolls and bread made from wheat, buckwheat, and ground pumpkin seed flour.

We will be happy to adapt the contents of each cold cuts to your wishes, dear Castle guest.

Wine accompaniment

If your excellency, in addition to eating well, also wants a good drink, we humbly recommend ordering a bottle of wine from the Mramor Wine Cellar.

The Mramor Winery is nestled between the green hills of Kozjansko and the sunny winegrowing slopes above the Gruska cave. For wine lovers, the homestead’s cellar is full of locally produced white and red wines, as every year they crown the season with the harvest and turn the beautiful grapes into a delicious drop.

Choose from the following wines: Yellow Muscat (Moscato Giallo), Silvaner (Zeleni silvanec),and Blaufränkisch (Modra frankinja).

If you prefer some vitamins to go with your cold cuts, we can serve homemade apple juice or Kunej Farm's own juice.

The Castle Cold Cuts of homemade delicacies is part of our Castle offer, intended for DAILY VISITORS of the Castle as well as for the GUESTS OF OUR ROOMS AND APARTMENTS at Podsreda Castle.

The feast with the desired accompaniment can be served in the castle kitchen by the open fire, in the Knight's Hall, or in the courtyard of the castle in the pleasant shade of the mighty chestnut trees.

You can also order a warm feast (for 10 or more people): smoked homemade ham, neck, shoulder, homemade sausage, homemade hotdog, homemade meat cheese, and smoked tongue with side dishes.

If you would like to upgrade your visit of the Podsreda Castle with an exceptional culinary experience and taste the authentic flavors of Kozjansko, please contact us by email at or call us at +386 (03) 580 61 18 or +386 41 41 996.

Because we want you to feel like royalty while staying with us, we will be happy to meet all your wishes and answer any questions you may have.

Price List

  • Castle Cold Cuts for two 36,00 €

  • Surcharge per extra person 17,00 €

  • Surcharge per extra child (3 to 14 years) 8,00 €

Wine accompaniment

  • Sylvaner 14,00 €

  • Rumeni muškat 14,00 €

  • Modra frankinja 14,00 €

Dear courtiers, let our wine-accompanied castle steak, made with selected local delicacies, take you back in time to the days of the castle lords.
We wish you many gourmet pleasures during your stay at the Podsreda Castle - “The most castle-like Slovenian castle”.


GRAJSKA KAVARNA PODSREDA ostaja ZAPRTA zaradi obnovitvenih del. 

Trenutno na gradu Podsreda potekajo renovacijska dela, vključno s prenovo renesančne dvorane in grajske kapele, ki sta ključna dela naše kulturne dediščine.

Zahvaljujemo se vsem obiskovalcem za razumevanje in potrpežljivost v tem času. Vabimo vas, da sledite našim obvestilom za nadaljnje informacije o ponovnem odprtju kavarne.

Medtem vas Grad Podsreda še vedno toplo vabi k raziskovanju njegovih zgodovinskih zakladov in uživanju v čudoviti naravi, ki nas obdaja.



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