at Vetrnik Hilltop

Experience a unique moment in nature at the top of Vetrnik Hill, perfect for celebrating romantic anniversaries. Watch as the first rays of the sun gently kiss the horizon, creating a magical start to the day. This moment of peace and beauty is ideal for romantic souls wishing to share special moments in celebration of love.

Nature's Symphony:

Vetrnik's Wind Harp

Visit the top of Vetrnik and experience a unique setting perfect for romantic surprises. The sound of the wind harp, stunning views, and fresh mountain air create an ideal environment for relaxation and connection.


Through Scenic Nature Trails

Explore nature on electric bikes for unforgettable moments together. Active couples will enjoy discovering hidden corners and picturesque paths of this romantic destination. This approach to exploring nature is perfect for love-filled weekends full of adventure and memorable moments. Find out more about e-bike rental.

Relaxing Massage

in the Podsreda Castle Chambers

Enjoy a relaxing massage in the castle rooms, where historical elegance meets modern comfort. A luxurious experience for couples looking to celebrate their anniversary in a special way. Relax in the intimate atmosphere of the castle rooms, focusing solely on the pleasures of togetherness. Find out more about the castle massages on offer.

Culinary Delights

at Kozjanski Dvor

Conclude your day with a romantic dinner at Kozjanski Dvor, where local flavors and traditions intertwine. In the pleasant ambiance of the manor, enjoy carefully prepared dishes perfect for romantic evenings. This experience offers a tasty adventure complementing your romantic getaway or weekend, creating long-lasting memories.

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