Events at Podsreda Castle

Welcome to the event page of one of Slovenia’s most well-preserved 12th-century Romanesque fortresses – the medieval Podsreda Castle.

Over the last 40 years, the castle has undergone a complete renovation, becoming a key cultural, promotional, educational, social, and tourist destination.

Our medieval castle is not only a historical landmark, but it is also a vibrant hub of cultural, tourist, and event activities.

Whether you are a lover of history, culture or simply looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, Podsreda Castle offers something for everyone.

Browse our events calendar to discover exciting activities, exhibitions, concerts, and more taking place at this exceptional location.

Musical summer at the castle

Since 1995, music events have been held at Podsreda Castle, under the collective title "Musical Summer at Podsreda Castle".
During the summer months, the mighty walls of the castle are filled with the sounds of renowned musical masters and their students. With a program of various musical seminars, the Musical Summer is an important contribution to the revitalization of the renovated castle building.
The music seminars at Podsreda Castle are the only educational program of their kind in the entire Kozjansko region, offering top-quality musical training under the tutelage of internationally renowned musicians.

The seminars are conducted on an individual basis, allowing participants to learn technique, rhythm, and harmony, while also playing in group settings.
The seminars are aimed at beginners, junior and senior high school students, as well as students.
The artistic director of the Music Summer at Podsreda Castle is the renowned clarinettist Prof. Andrej Zupan.

Family festive “ŽIV ŽAV” at the Castle

Step back in time and enjoy a fun-filled medieval festival for the whole family - every summer at Podsreda Castle, on the last weekend in August.
We will combine a castle feast with a journey through time in the shelter of the most castle-like of Slovenian castles - PODSREDA CASTLE. Explore the mysterious and fun medieval life, meet colorful characters and cheer on your favorites in a thrilling knightly sword fight as well as take the opportunity to explore the castle for free.

You are cordially invited to the Castle ŽIV ŽAV at Podsreda Castle, where young and old castle explorers alike will enjoy medieval games, be amazed by real knightly fights, meet the castle bats and dance and sing to great music and enjoy a delicious feast as part of the local food and drink offer in the castle courtyard.



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