Your green aunt is “tugging” at your sleeve! It is the one that fills the lungs, calms and inspires, the one that is our food, our medicine and everything else we need.

This Sunday, 27. JUNE, 10. At 1 pm, we invite you to Podsreda Castle for a GREAT picking and culinary experience and a walk to learn about the WILD edible plants.

The workshop is led by Karmen Gajšek, a local forager and geographer, who, under the name“Where are those flowers?“, explores the natural world and brings to people forgotten knowledge and new findings that come in handy in our lives!

We meet at 10. (breakfast/snacks and drinks), and after we have eaten, we will set off on mysterious paths where nature speaks. This will be a GATHERING TRIP to get to know and gather plants, ending in the CASTLE KITCHEN, where we will prepare our own wild-grown KOSILO and enjoy it in the shade of the mighty chestnut trees of the castle.


▪ Meeting point: courtyard of Podsreda Castle

▪ Time frame: 10:00 – approx. 14:00

▪ PRICE: 33,00 EUR

All ingredients will be 100% local, organic and of course wild!

Registration is required with Karmen Gajšek (+386 51 245 731; e-mail:

Link to the event HERE.

Recommended equipment: comfortable footwear, basket/basket, scissors, knife, otherwise sun protection (hat/hooded cap) if needed.

Have a good run and a good “rampage” in advance and soon – TO SNIDENJE!



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