Kaj obiskati v okolici gradu?

Daleč stran od mesta, hrupa in vrveža leži neokrnjena regija Kozjansko, ki se v svojem srcu prepleta z eno najlepših slovenskih naravnih vrednot – Kozjanskim parkom. Tu najdemo kraje, ki jim dajejo dušo prijazni ljudje, okusna lokalna kulinarika, unikatna doživetja in skrivnostna pokrajina.

The paths of the Kozjan hills lead to hidden corners where time stands still and history is still alive. Walk along the picturesque and scenic route past the chapels of the Stations of the Cross to the Old mountains above Podsredawhere we find the Church of the Sorrowful Mother of God, or by Podsreda Castle Trails to the most beautiful castle in Slovenia, Podsreda Castle, and rest your eyes on the view of the Podsreda Old Town, which is accompanied by two other ancient squares in the municipality – Kozje market with old prisons, a doughnut mill and a museum classroom, and a historically rich Pilštanj Squarewhere, according to legend, the only Slovenian saint, St. Emma.

Amidst the mighty beech forests of the Orlice and Bohorské hills, vast meadows covered with wild orchids and crystal clear waters in unspoilt nature. Kozjan Regional Park enjoy the intoxicating scent of flowering a collector’s orchardwhere over a hundred different old varieties of Kozjan apple trees and other fruit trees thrive, or take the path under your feet and see the unique beauty of the dry meadows on Vetrnik. Breathe in the freshness of the green surroundings on walking trails such as the one connecting Podsreda Castle and the nearby Holy Mountains above Bistrica ob Sotli, or the path leading to the Bistrica river gorge – the perfect choice for hot days, when a refreshing beer on the terrace comes in handy Pure Brasserie in Podsreda, where more than 50 Belgian beers are served.

Enjoy the tranquillity of the castle courtyard. Away from the traffic and hustle and bustle of the city, listen to the wind in the tops of mighty trees and the babbling brooks in the Gruska valley or stop and spend special moments in Lurška Cavewhere you can refresh yourself at the spring of drinking water, which is said to have healing powers, and visit the nearby village centre Zagorje. Relax to the soothing hum of the bees in the apiary while enjoying a honey tasting at Kozmus Apiculture
at Pilštanj
and a special kind of silence awaits you as you enter the strange sandy world of the old
where the past meets the present in the glitter of thousands of quartz sand crystals.

Explore the rich cuisine of Kozjansko, made up of the flavours of local farms. Follow the wine’s trail to its origin, where it is born among the golden hills of the Mramor Wine Cellar above the Gruska valley in Buče, follow the trail of homemade milk produced by the Sinkovič Farm at Buče, processed into delicious cheeses and yoghurts, and even delicious homemade frozen yoghurt, or bring back the best memories when you smell the freshly baked bread from the bread oven, served in the Kukovičič Millwhere they mill their grain in one of the remaining mills on the Bistrica River. Enjoy quality local cured meat products
of Kunej Farm
in Gorjany near Podsreda or
Gorjup farm
in Zdolje, for people who appreciate good taste.


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