Honored guests of the castle,

It’s time for new castle experiences! We are pleased to announce that we have reopened the doors to our castle rooms and apartments at Podsreda Castle, where unforgettable castle experiences await at every turn.

At Podsreda Castle Rooms and Apartments, we pay great attention to ensuring the well-being and safety of our employees and you, our valued guests.

Below we would like to share with you the activities and measures we have put in place to prevent the transmission of Covid-19.

Hygiene and security measures for the protection and safety of guests in the Podsreda Castle Rooms and Apartments

To ensure the safety and security of guests and staff, a number of hygiene protection measures have been prepared and implemented at Podsreda Castle and in the Podsreda Castle Rooms and Apartments. In doing so, we have taken into account the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) and the actions and recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Of course, we will do everything in our power to ensure that your stay at the castle is not affected, and that it is relaxing, enjoyable and, of course, as “castle-like” as possible. At the same time, we are committed to keeping your health and safety our top priority.

Our hygiene and protection measures are based on current government advice and guidelines, but we reserve the right to change and update our operating procedures without prior notice, depending on the current situation and in accordance with government regulations.

We adhere to high standards of hygiene and respect our guests’ trust that they can visit and holiday with us safely and without endangering their health.


Contactless check-in and check-out:

Check-in and key collection can be contactless, and we also offer contactless payment and contactless food and beverage ordering. If you do not wish to do so, we will not meet in person.

Before you arrive, you will receive a web link to complete the digital check-in and enter all the necessary information for the guest check-in.

Entrance to the Castle Building Rooms and Apartments is possible with a code, which is generated at reception specifically in your name and communicated to you before your arrival. To unlock the entrance, enter the code in the automated lock and enter the castle courtyard.


Contactless key retrieval of your installation

You type a code into the reader under the key cabinet, which is generated at reception specifically in your name. The code activates the lock and opens the door. A green LED will light up next to the key that unlocks your accommodation to indicate that the key is ready for collection.


Castle reception:

  • Guests shall enter the reception area individually or in numbers that, depending on the size and layout of the space, prevent them from meeting and allow sufficient distance between them.
  • Disinfectants are available at the reception entrance. A digital thermometer can be used at reception, and protective masks are available.
  • Staff shall ensure that their hands are disinfected before and after touching documents or objects handled by several persons. There are separate writing utensils for guests, which are disinfected after each user.
  • All common areas are regularly disinfected and ventilated in accordance with the Guidelines for Ventilation of Areas Outside Healthcare Facilities (e.g. counter, POS terminal, cash desk).
  • If a guest or staff notices a guest showing signs of respiratory infection, they must inform reception.
  • Room keys are disinfected.
  • We recommend cashless payment.
  • You can also check out contactlessly by leaving the key in the room and receiving a payment confirmation by email upon departure.
  • When using newspapers, leaflets and other printed material, the guest/visitor should be aware that the presence of a new coronavirus is possible when sharing a printed copy, and should therefore wash or disinfect their hands before and after reading and, in addition to hand hygiene, observe cough/sneeze hygiene and avoid touching their face. It is compulsory to wear a protective mask when reading.



  • Only healthy staff, without symptoms or signs of an acute respiratory infection (fever, cough, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, shortness of breath, chest pain, etc.).
  • Staff are regularly briefed on how to implement protective measures, protective actions and the cleaning plan for areas and premises.
  • Staff shall ensure sufficient interpersonal distance at all times.
  • Wear a protective mask in all areas and gloves when cleaning.
  • The reception area has additional Plexiglas.
  • Wash and disinfect your hands regularly.
  • We pay special attention to cleaning all common areas. Rooms are regularly ventilated.
  • In the event of infection, we are informed of the next steps to take.

Rooms and apartments:

  • Adaptations can be made to provide single or multi-bed rooms, while multi-bed accommodation units can only accommodate guests from the same household or guests travelling together who are already in close contact.
  • Before you arrive at the accommodation unit, it is cleaned, ventilated and disinfected, as appropriate, according to the Guidance on Cleaning and Disinfection of Premises Outside Health Care Facilities.
  • In case of multi-night stays, please order cleaning in advance. For security reasons, we do not enter the room or apartment without your permission, and staff will only clean it daily if the guest requests it.
  • Special attention shall be paid to cleaning and disinfecting items that are touched by a large number of hands (e.g. stair rails, switches, handrails, handholds, hooks).
  • Guest disinfectant dispensers are located at the entrance and exit to the courtyard in front of the rooms and apartments.
  • As it is a historic building, or. cultural monument, guests should be aware that our corridors and entrance and exit routes are potential points of contact between guests, so we ask that all guests are aware of and make appropriate use of the social distancing in the areas of Podsreda Castle.


Castle Hall:

  • Disinfectant dispensers are located at the entrance and exit to the Castle Hall and in the courtyard in front of the apartments and rooms.
  • Tables are arranged in such a way as to ensure sufficient personal distance between guests.
  • We have adapted the use of shared items (e.g. salt shakers, sugar, toys, newspapers, magazines, etc.) so that they are not touched by several guests in a row.
  • Cutlery is prepared for each guest and served in a way that prevents unprotected contact and possible contamination (cutlery for one person wrapped in a paper napkin).
  • It is ensured that tableware (plates, cups) and glassware are not subject to contamination.
  • Used cutlery and crockery shall be cleaned using gloves, dish detergent and hot water or. dishwasher.
  • The cleaning of the hall and all equipment is carried out once a day, in accordance with the Instructions for Cleaning and Disinfection of Premises Outside Health Care Facilities.
  • The auditorium is regularly ventilated in accordance with the Guidelines for the Ventilation of Premises Outside Health Care Facilities.


Order and pick up breakfast / basket

  • You can order the castle breakfast for the first morning of your stay by email before your arrival, immediately upon confirmation of your reservation. During the stay in apartments and rooms, guests must inform reception of their choice one day in advance, before the reception closes.
  • The Castle Breakfast Basket with your choice of breakfast is waiting for you from 07:30 onwards on a table in the hall below the apartments (when you enter through the main door into the courtyard, the hall is located immediately to the left). Each basket is labelled with the name of the room or the room’s name. apartments.
  • Empty baskets must be delivered by the evening at the latest.
  • The breakfast basket can be eaten in the comfort of the castle room, in the castle courtyard, in the castle atrium, by the nearby pond or in the forest glade.

We do our best to provide as safe and healthy an environment as possible for your visit or holiday at Podsreda Castle. You can do your bit to protect yourself and everyone around you by
recommendations for staying healthy

We put the safety of our guests and employees first. Check the hygiene and protection measures for your safety and ours, which we follow by adhering to the responsible travel standards of Slovenian GREEN&SAFE tourism .

Please contact us with any questions. We can be contacted on tel. +386 5806 118, +386 41 419 996 or email:

Thank you in advance for following these recommendations and helping to create a safe environment.


Podsreda Castle team



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