24 May is EUROPEAN PARKS DAY. This year’s slogan is “TO PARKS FOR HEALTH”.

In cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary History Celje, we have prepared an interactive exhibition “HERMAN LISJAK IN KOZJAN PARK”.

On this occasion, we have prepared a film where you can take a virtual tour of the exhibition with Herman Lisjak, which you can see “live” at Podsreda Castle every day, except Mondays between 10. and 16. hour until 2022.


The exhibition features selected content from the exhibitions “The Earth is Dancing” and “Herman Lisjak Vódi po vôdi”, and is complemented by the exceptional content of Kozjan Park: geological features and rock outcrops, and the meadow orchard and meadow or carob tree in Kozjan Park. The content is aimed at learning about our environment, the importance of protecting it and sustainable development. The exhibition is divided into four sections: WE LIVE ON EARTH, GREMO VESOLJE, THE WORD OF DIVERSITY OF SLOVENIA and HERMAN LISJAK VÓDI PO VÔDI.

The exhibition is suitable for children and young people as well as adults. Exhibition encourages young researchers: explore, experiment and learn! AND TAKE WHAT YOU LEARN BACK INTO YOUR OWN LIVES AND INTO NATURE.

You can browse the exhibition catalogue HERE.


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