The first, and certainly not the last, workshop on wild edible plants is behind us! But we said “let’s go wild” and explore the pearl of history, Podsreda Castle, to connect even more easily with forgotten knowledge and train in wild cuisine for wild health!

It was a walk to learn about the plant world, especially wild edible plants, and it was unique. The much anticipated fundraising tour, combined with curious people, has borne rich fruit.

Thank you to Karmen Gajšek, who, under the name “Where are those flowers?”, explores natural habitats and incorporates what is in season for nutritional, medicinal or subsistence purposes, preparing delicious homemade tea blends and other healing herbal “concoctions” and spreading her knowledge and love for her green friends.

Together with Karmen, we explored the surrounding ecosystem, where we learned more about the collection of edible plants, their positive effects on health and preparation for consumption, and we also picked a few “wild” plants and then prepared a refreshing meal in the castle kitchen.

On the menu was a pumpkin-leek dish with a variety of edible and medicinal “wild game”, wild pears and flax seeds. Buckwheat salad with borsch, a little scarecrow, radish, potato and pumpkin oil. We started with a starter, of course, and the castle’s foragers were greeted on arrival with a wild snack of goldenrod and chobro crackers and black crackers with motherwort, good thyme and thistle. And then there were a few savouries in the form of plum-robin chutney, paprika spread, rosemary buds and nettle seeds. Buckwheat bread is also a good idea, and it all goes down the throat much easier with hot tea in which the wild mint has been bathed.

We are also pleased to announce that due to high demand, we are already planning our next workshop! For more information, follow what’s happening on our website.



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