Every day, a new fairy tale is written in the historic ambience of Podsreda Castle. The low undertones of the old castle walls, which quietly murmur stories from their rich history, are joined in unison by the sounds of unspoilt nature in one of Slovenia’s largest and oldest regional parks, which invites you to experience nature, culture and authentic experiences, excellent local cuisine and forgotten traditions, and to get to know the destination of Podsreda Castle and its surroundings as a land of outstanding natural beauty and green management.

The latest addition to the Podsreda Castle offer brings something very special to the castle environment: massages in the castle tower! Visitors to the castle can now experience the peaceful and relaxing environment of Podsreda Castle with a special castle pampering for body and soul and book an appointment for your very own special castle massage.

Guests can enjoy the tranquil ambience and take advantage of the castle’s offer of MASSAGES, REFLECTION THERAPIES and ENERGY THERAPIES for well-being. Massages have a beneficial effect on the muscular system, relaxing overstretched muscles and tensing up muscles that are too loose thanks to the relaxing and invigorating massage movements.

Massages and meditations at Podsreda Castle are carried out by Valentina Tina, a local woman who believes that everyone carries spiritual gifts within them, which only need to be perceived and put to use. “People are in this world for a reason, to get ahead, individually and collectively, to fulfil ourselves and to admire our work,” says Valentina, adding that she is inspired by this work and shaped by her relationships with people. She wants to enrich the breath of everyday life for others and for herself by using meditation and the other skills she has acquired.

According to satisfied users, the experience of a massage in a castle is something very special that is not something you experience every day and as such, it is also a very prepared and original gift for loved ones. The castle is happy to tell you that you can also buy a gift voucher.

If you would like to know more about the massage experience at Podsreda Castle, please follow the link HERE.


GRAJSKA KAVARNA PODSREDA ostaja ZAPRTA zaradi obnovitvenih del. 

Trenutno na gradu Podsreda potekajo renovacijska dela, vključno s prenovo renesančne dvorane in grajske kapele, ki sta ključna dela naše kulturne dediščine.

Zahvaljujemo se vsem obiskovalcem za razumevanje in potrpežljivost v tem času. Vabimo vas, da sledite našim obvestilom za nadaljnje informacije o ponovnem odprtju kavarne.

Medtem vas Grad Podsreda še vedno toplo vabi k raziskovanju njegovih zgodovinskih zakladov in uživanju v čudoviti naravi, ki nas obdaja.



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