We're Back to Regular Hours!

Starting this April, Podsreda Castle opens its gates to welcome you FROM TUESDAY TO SUNDAY, between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Dive into the rich tapestry of history, explore enchanting exhibitions, and immerse yourself in the castle’s captivating beauty.

Please note, MONDAYS are our day of rest, allowing the castle to rejuvenate – thus we are CLOSED.

Embrace the opportunity to wander through time in one of Slovenia’s most well-preserved medieval fortresses. Whether you’re a history aficionado, a lover of nature, or simply in search of a unique adventure, Podsreda Castle promises an unforgettable journey.

Don’t miss out on the magic. Plan your visit now and let the castle’s walls whisper their centuries-old tales to you.

The Podsreda Castle Cafe remains CLOSED until further notice due to renovation works.

As part of the efforts to enhance visitor experiences and preserve cultural heritage, extensive renovation activities are being carried out at Podsreda Castle.

We thank all visitors for their understanding and patience and invite you to follow our announcements for further information on the cafe’s reopening.

In the meantime, Podsreda Castle continues to invite exploration of its historical treasures and the beautiful nature surrounding this impressive location.

What awaits you during your castle visit?

  1. Walk along the Castle Trail: Enjoy exploring the picturesque surroundings from the town of Podsreda, through the forest to Podsreda Castle (MORE ABOUT THE TRAIL).
  2. Explore the castle’s exhibitions and local cultural heritage through the exhibitions in the castle rooms. (MORE INFO ABOUT PERMANENT EXHIBITIONS)
  3. Learn about the story and legends of Podsreda Castle through an audio-guided tour. (MORE INFO ABOUT THE GUIDE GUIDED TOURS)
  4. Adventure game “Treasure Hunt” for families and children: Join the fun of the castle adventure with the Treasure Hunt game, which invites you to explore the hidden corners of the castle. (MORE ABOUT THE TREASURE HUNT GAME)
  5. Exhibitions for children: Children will enjoy visiting Herman the Fox children’s exhibitions on space, earth, the Kozjansko Regional Park and toys from the Celje Museum of Contemporary History, which are tailored to their age group and interests. (MORE INFO ON TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS)
  6. Local culinary experiences: taste local specialities and experience the authentic flavour of the Kozjansko region in the castle café or enjoy a castle feast in the form of a cold-cuts made of local delicacies from the Kunej Farm (MORE ABOUT THE FEAST).
  7. Visit the Castle Café, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink or a dessert in a relaxing atmosphere. (MORE INFO ABOUT THE CAFÉ)
  8. Buy unique souvenirs and local products in the souvenir shop at Podsreda Castle. (MORE ABOUT THE CASTLE SHOP)

Enjoy your visit and experience all that Podsreda Castle and its surroundings have to offer!


“Discover, Experience, Fall in Love”

Where nature, history, and culture intertwine in a harmonious symphony of diverse experiences. In the heart of the Kozjansko region, you will discover a true treasure trove of experiences – from romantic moments and adventures for families, to culinary discoveries and unique adventures in nature. We invite you to explore and discover everything that this magical landscape has to offer with us!


GRAJSKA KAVARNA PODSREDA ostaja ZAPRTA zaradi obnovitvenih del. 

Trenutno na gradu Podsreda potekajo renovacijska dela, vključno s prenovo renesančne dvorane in grajske kapele, ki sta ključna dela naše kulturne dediščine.

Zahvaljujemo se vsem obiskovalcem za razumevanje in potrpežljivost v tem času. Vabimo vas, da sledite našim obvestilom za nadaljnje informacije o ponovnem odprtju kavarne.

Medtem vas Grad Podsreda še vedno toplo vabi k raziskovanju njegovih zgodovinskih zakladov in uživanju v čudoviti naravi, ki nas obdaja.



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