Castle tour with a special welcome and personal castle guide and refreshments.

The paths of the Kozjansko hills lead to hidden corners where time stands still and history is still alive. Here, Podsreda Castle rises above the valley and the medieval town square and has defied the ravages of time for almost 900 years. Step into the past with a private guided tour of the castle and its exhibitions, an opportunity to get to know and feel the history of our castle, which lives a full and rich life to this day.

A guided tour of the castle, conducted by our trained guides, lasts about an hour and a half and is a great opportunity to learn first-hand about the rich history of the castle, find out interesting stories and legends about the castle, and get an insight into other fascinating features that give the castle its life today.

The castle visit experience

Your visit to the Podsreda Castle will start in the courtyard, under the mighty chestnut trees. You will be given a warm welcome and refreshed with natural apple juice, produced in the Kozjansko Regional Park using old apple varieties. These thrive in the Park's organic orchard, which is the cradle of old traditional varieties of apple trees.

A guided tour of the castle, the most impressive 12th-century Romanesque castle in Slovenia, accompanied by a trained personal guide, will take you through the history of the castle. You will visit the castle premises from the cellar to the attic, including all the permanent and temporary exhibitions and historical rooms, such as the atrium, the castle kitchen, the attic and the northern palazzo, where you can enjoy the view of the old town center of Podsreda, and more.

At the end of the guided tour, you will be treated like true courtiers to a good castle meal and a drink. You will be served a castle cold cuts, which will take you back to the old days of the castle lords. The feast consists of authentic local delicacies prepared for you at the nearby Kunej Farm and natural apple juice made from Kozjansko apples from the Park’s orchard. You can substitute the juice with a bottle of wine from the local winery if you wish.


  • Reception in the castle courtyard with refreshments (apple juice);
  • A tour of the Podsreda Castle for 2 people in the company of a personal castle guide;
  • – Castle cutlet for 2 persons, consisting of selected local delicacies from the Kunej Farm;
  • 1 l of natural apple juice from Kozjan Park or 2 dcl of white or red wine from the Emino House of Wine.

PRICE (for 2 persons): 95,00 €
Charge per extra person: 35,00 € (for groups of more than 4 people, extra charges upon agreement)
DURATION: 2 to 3 hours

Must be booked at least one day before arrival. No later than 12 noon.

For reservations, call 00386 3 580 61 18 or 00386 41 419 996 or e-mail info@castlepodsreda.com.

Opening hours of Podsreda Castle: from APRIL to OCTOBER, every day except Mondays, between 10 am and 5 pm..

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