The Castle Knight invites you to an unforgettable castle adventure!

Young adventurers can go hunting for the first time this weekend, on Saturday, accompanied by their parents, 10 October between 11. and 17. 1 hour and on Sunday, 11 October between 10. and 17. hour.

A brave and noble knight defends the castle of Podsreda against the worst conquerors, robbers and other villains, but this time he is faced with a great enigma… The kingdom has been hit by a terrible scourge, brought on by the witches of Olim, who resented the fact that the miller in Podsreda sold them black flour instead of white. Fortunately, there is a solution – beautiful, tasty, accessible to all, rich and poor! A brave and noble knight sets out on a quest to find the secret treasure that will redeem the kingdom, and he invites you along! Be his fearless and talented helpers! Do not stop at any obstacle.

Children, a knight needs you! Be his helpers.

Visit Podsreda Castle and take part in the Treasure Hunt and win a nice and delicious prize!

Bring your mums and dads, grandpas and grandmas, siblings… Any help is welcome.

You can read more about the Treasure Hunt at Podsreda Castle HERE.

INFO: 00386 3 580 61 18 or 00386 41 419 996 or



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