Although it’s been a few days since the opening of the “Handprints in Glass” exhibition, we are happy to share with you some photographic souvenirs from this fascinating event.

Hosted by the Kozjansko Regional Park and the Society of Glassmakers of Slovenia, this exhibition graced our castle on Thursday, August 10. It is a captivating display of glass artistry by the talented Mitja Lukanc from Artlinia Glass Studio and Jasna Lukanc from Alles Klar.

“We’ve brought our idea to life, something truly special!”, as the artists describe it. The core concept behind “Hand-Prints in Glass” was to create a tangible, genuine connection in a modern world dominated by social media and digital communication.

This art form is about preserving moments, emotions, and human energy in a way that transcends time. Imagine holding someone’s handprint and feeling their essence, capturing a unique channel of communication with them.

Come explore the timeless beauty of “Hand-Prints in Glass” and witness the bridge between generations and distant loved ones. This exhibition is a testament to the enduring power of human connection, and we’re delighted to have shared it with you.



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